Italian Scramble in 1960s

While MV Agusta currently produce some remarkable modern sports bikes I am sure few of the readers realized that they have a rich history of racing scrambles and motocross in domestic championships during the 1960s and possibly the 50s and early 70s. I was doing some research on the MV Factory media website for the upcoming ‘MV Agusta Classic’ race meet on Feb 1-2nd at Taupo International Raceway when I discovered a group of MV dirt bike photos. These 2 strokes look to be a 250cc machine and solidly built. But take a look at the spectator fencing, interesting shaped pieces of timber and the track looks very dry and hilly. There are no notes and info at the moment on who the rider is, the model of the bike or what event. Classic Dirt was pretty popular in the 1960s it seems.   

MV Agusta 350cc Electtronica Scrambler

Although better known for their extreme performance multi-cylinder machines, MV Agusta also built a range of very stylish single cylinder sports bikes throughout the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s that often crossed the line. The Street Scrambler was such a machine. At a time when dirt-bike racing was starting to gain traction with seriously focused design that really did create a new genre of racing , MV Agusta took the essence of the dirt bike’s purpose and apparently turned it into a fashion statement. Worse still, MV had no real intention of giving the international market a look in. The Street Scrambler was designed solely for the Italian urbanite who needed a ride to navigate the 200-year-old roads that Italian cities had to offer. In this sense, the MV Agusta Street Scrambler was 40 years ahead of its time. This is not to say, however, that it was a trailer queen. Far from it. The 350cc powerplant had racetrack pedigree and was certainly not for the fainthearted as it delivered the pilot a high-revving 155kph machine. The striking colour scheme and overall styling were things that only the Italians could have justified at the time. However, in hindsight, one must acknowledge them for their pure inventiveness and individualism, the MV Street Scrambler reeks of personality and intense authorship. These characteristics can be sadly missing in today’s corporate bike scene. The picture is from the MV Factory media centre and is the 1973 model. One sold in as new condition at Webbs auction in Auckland in March 2012 for $13,225. More action shots from the factory riders coming soon

The eNZed VMX Series Well Underway

As you can see from the series poster Round 1 is behind us with Round 2 in Feilding at Labour Weekend so we’ll see you at the next round having more fun on old bikes, catching up with both old and young faces alike.

Twinshock Trial at Bullocks Quarry Bulls – Sunday 13th October

A Twinshock Trial is on at Bullocks Quarry this Sunday, sign on from 9.30am, trials starts 10.30am. A great property off SH1 beside the river bridge on SH1. $20 entry on the day

eNZed Vintage Motocross Championship 2013-2014

The NZ VMX family and supporters have much pleasure in announcing the dates for the eNZed VMX Championship as listed below. Please note the new Website to enter the series.

  • Round 1, Sunday October 6th @ Whakatane. Pete & Les.
  • Round 2, Saturday October 26th @ Manawatu. Dave J. & Crew.
  • Round 3, Saturday 23rd November. Kiwi Vintage Crew.
  • Round 4, Saturday 15th February. Neil Hitze & Crew.
  • Round 5, Sunday ? March ? (DTBC) Kevin, Glenn & Mike.
  • Round 6, Saturday (DTBC) Darryl & The Taupo Crew.

To enter this series and to confirm the dates, please go to

The organizing team all know you are rearing to go for a new season and this series, and sometimes some riders can’t control their enthusiasm when they make it to the gate, so get back in the shed now its warmer and get all those jobs done to get your machines race ready for October 6th – its coming up fast!

Come on, get ya backsides to the tracks fellas!

An old pic from the 2012 Final in Wanganui                


Bulls Trial this Sunday 25th August – SH1 ‘Bullocks Quarry’ Bulls

You have all head the saying, its ‘Bullabull in Bulls’, well this Sunday its all ‘Trialabull in Bulls’ at the Bullocks – yes this is for real – its not another Bullabull jest or story of Bollocks. It really is the Bullocks Quarry on the river. Trial will be signposted off SH1 at the Bulls township end of the highway bridge. All welcome, no dogs please. Sign on from 9am $20 EOD with start at 10-.30am

Pic shows John Abbott in the pines on Honda TL125 in his second trial 

Awesome 7 acres of Forest to play in – Sunday 18th Wanganui

Come enjoy the fun riding sections through the trees, with tons of log hopping practice. Marangai Rd just south of Wangnaui, past the clay target shooting range. Sign on from 9am, start 10.30am entry $20 on the day. The weather looks great for tomorrow – see you there

Shed 5 Auckland

On business trips to Auckland over the past few years I have made a number of visits to Shed 5 in the city and its had a recent refit with covered seating area outside but the motorcycle collection is still amazing from board track replica Indian, early Honda 4s, Production race Norton Commandos, Vincent, Gold Star, Triumphs by the dozen and a good mix of interesting dirt bikes. This trio appears  to be a Cheney T100 Triumph 500 or Tribsa, a Husqvarna Alberg 400 Replica (there were 2 similar machines on display) plus a BSA B44 Victor GP ( I am told one of only 250 made but have not had time to authenticate it. So if you ever get to inner Auckland and the lady in your life wants to go shopping on Saturday offer to have a rest at Shed 5 in Nelson St for a  few hours over coffee, you will be blown away. They have a Ducati dirt bike and a Catalina Scrambler and more. I will post some more photos soon. And no, they are not for sale         

KT Recoverd

In a remarkable story of local factory workers spotting the bike in the Brunswick Rd area and Micky Rat Marshall getting a key Triumph Riders member living in the area to keep a look out, the Police recovered the bike on Thursday night. The factory worker got a video of the 16-17yr old joyriders on my bike and we passed it to the police. The kids had taken the name board off the front and also removed the baffle nights(KTs do not go faster kids! – it just makes them easier to hear on cold still nights). At just before 9pm on Thursday Mike rang saying my bike was being ridden in Te Mata Park, get the cops. As I got there the dog wagon arrived and within 30mins the bike had been found hidden in bushes. I went home and got my trailer and took the bike to the station for fingerprints where it is still safely locked up. Later that night the cops searched at least one property and found evidence plus I hear, some other stolen items. Over the weekend I upgraded security at my place and have changed some of my routines and have got the neighbours on board.

The police were pretty slow during the daytime at their office to start with but were very slick at night in the field, I was most impressed. Top work by Charlie Browns mate to start with and The Rat Marshall & Chris for the crucial tip off on Thursday. I urge you all to look at your own security and see what you could do better, the little motorcycle thieving pricks live in most streets in NZ. Cheers to all for the great messages of support in the first few days also – especially Bill Doe and Mackka

‘Manawatu Twinshock Trials Champs’ Sunday May 26th Kakariki Rd, Halcombe

Mr VMX Series – 2003…..2013….10 YEARS…..10 SEASONS… !!!

  The Final Hurrah (Meeting & Prize-Giving) was a fitting end to a fantastic 10 years of VINTAGE MOTOCROSS RACING.

 Andy Christie had somehow managed to secure a superb venue at the end of the Makirikiri Valley road at Robbie & Karyn Cummins property, Those smiles on everybody’s face in the group photo carried on thru out the day and even a patch of rain couldn’t dampen their enthusiasm.

 There was some close racing in all classes with only a hand full of points covering the top 3 in most classes. Team managers were spotted converged around the computer working out strategies to ensure victory for their respective riders.

 The Prize-Giving that followed would have to be the highlight of the day/season/year and suitably recognised the winners, contributors and ‘GOOD BASTARD’s of this sport and our VMX family.

 Kiwi Vintage Motocross Wanganui would like to thank the following sponsors who have helped make this series possible.


  • Neil Hintz @ Autoflight, Hamilton.


  • Pete & Les @ Eastbay Engineering Ltd.
  • Craig Hambling @ Hamco Industries.
  • Darryl August @ Darryl August Motorcycles.
  • Gary @ Rock Oil. (2 Wheel Wholesale)
  • Brett Sample Ex NZ Boxer.Com
  • Neil Bush for making his land available and Niven Muir for offering to sponsor the cancelled Rd. 5 Meeting
  • Geoff & Tony @ Keown Honda.


  • Darryl August @ Darryl August Motorcycles.
  • William Doe @ Taupo Towing.
  • Steve Sweeney @ Steve Sweeney
  • Francis Hoen @ Johnsonville Cycles.
  • Brian @ Brian Simpson Mobile Weld Testing.
  • Evan (Tubby) Walpole @ Parapara Engineering.
  • Ross Bennett @
  • Richard @ Vandenberg Shelter Belt Trimmers.
  • Mark Wood @ Woody’s Engineering.
  • Craig Hambling @ Hamco Industries.
  • Julie & Ian @ Coastline Honda.

 We would also like to make special mention to the team of people who help in putting this unique series together over the past 10 years.

  • Dave Jamieson and team from Manawatu VMX
  • Les, Pete, Cooch and the guys @ Whakatane VMX.
  • Darryl, Bill @ Stu from Taupo VMX
  • Neil, Dave @ Nick from Aria.
  • Brian @ Andy for the ‘FINAL’
  •  Flag Marshalls——Tony McCabe & family.
  • Check-In/Lap Scoring——–Cheryl Coley, Julie McKenzie, Warren, Marie ,Debbie Ritchie.
  • The food providers over 48 meetings.
  • Race Starter @ Finisher—–Evan ‘TUBBY’ Walpole.
  • Media—–Robert Cochrane.
  • Race Commentator—–Neil (mini GOOD BASTARD) Ritchie
  • KVMX Helper—–Andy Christie.
  • All The Land Owners.
  • First Aid Providers.
  • The ‘VMX FAMILY’ (You the competitors)

 And anyone else who has banged a peg in, taken one out, wrapped up that bunting or helped in any way.

KIWI VINTAGE, LLOYD McKENZIE, ROSS BENNETT, BRIAN SIMPSON, WAYNE MARSHALL,TUBBY WALPOLE & latterly ANDY CHRISTIE would like to place on record our total enjoyment over the past 10 years and yes we did 49 meetings, So do we have UNFINISHED business, which may mean look out for THE 50th KVMX Wanganui would like to be part of whatever is organised for the 2013/2014 season.

Honda TLM200 Parts or info Wanted

Can anyone out there help with where a workshop manual or parts book can be found for a Honda TLM200 trials bike (or if they are included in another composite manual), they were a two stroke trials bike made in the mid 1980s I understand and are an early monoshock frame. Does anyone know if other model pistons and rod kits fit them etc. Any contacts info or help greatly appreciated. Looking to help a couple of guys keen to get involved in twinsock trials in lower North Island, please contact Robert at I found this photo on the net as a few have turned up on trade me occasionally.

Mr VMX 10th Anniversary Series – Rnd 4 Aria Points

Round 4 Aria - Points 

First Twinshock Trial of 2013

The Summer Carnival ‘Trentham’ Classic Trial took place at Trentham Memorial Park on Saturday 23rd February in glorious weather with some great addition challenge added with the introduction or a range of logs to the totara reserve section of the course.The river section was very dry and a lot easier than in previous years. Fred Carter Fantic 200 won the Expert section from son Evan by 1 point, Colin Richardson the A Grade on his Montesa 200 and Alan Burgess the B Grade on his BSA B40 (the first time a British machine has won a trials grade in the four years I have been running twinshock trials). Pic shows Alasdair Keane on the Beamish Suzuki RL250. Next event is Sunday March 24th at the Mangatukutuku Valley Kapiti. For further details contact Robert at

Steve Green

Recieved news yesterday that local motorsport media legend and author/owner of motorcycle marketplace passed away.

Steve was a passionate supporter of all motorsport and we often would have nothing in our local papers if it where not for him, he was a great help with the VMX central team in helping us to get the Johnny Old up and running again in 2010/2012 with his vast knowledge and past photos.

You will be sorely missed,on behalf of the VMX central team and all motorcyclists thankyou.

VMX Central.

Mr VMX 10 Anniversary Series

Kiwi Vintage Motocross is up and running and and is proud to present the milestone 10th Anniversary Series for 2012-2013 in association with Auto Flight NZ.

This will not be the only milestone as this years series will include a bonus 6th Round which will bring the total to 50 Rnds of racing under the Mr Vintage Motocross banner ! 

The format for this year will be as follows..

  • Eastbay Engineering - Whakatane Rnd 1 – 6th October 2012
  • Hamco Industries - Halcombe Rnd 2 – 4th November 2012
  • Darryl August Motocycles/Rockoil - Taupo Rnd 3 – 2nd December 2012
  • - Aria Rnd 4 – 16th February 2013
  • Urban Creations - Halcombe Rnd 5 – Date to be advised 2013
  • Keown Honda - Wanganui Rnd 6 Final – Date to be advised 2013

Our email has been running hot for week now from VMXer’s keen to get into gear… The entry form wlll be made available on this website toward the end of August.

Stay tuned for further updates !

Mr VMX Series 9 – Thanks to all……

The KEOWN HONDA Mr VMX Series 9 – Rnd 5 Final & prizegiving proved to be a fitting end to another outstanding vintage motocross race series. Some exciting racing was seen on the open and flowing Wanganui venue. The Series prizegiving that followed was the opportunity to recognise the winners, contributors and ’Good Bastards’ of this sport and the ‘VMX family’.
Kiwi Vintage Motocross would like to thank the following sponsors who have helped to make this Series possible:
Tricky Dicky Racing – Steve Gallichan
Hamco Industries - Craig Hambling
Eastbay Engineering
Darryl August Motorcycles & Rockoil
Urban Creations – Niven Muir
Keown Honda
Coastline Honda – Julie & Ian
Henshaw Signs  - Mark Henshaw
Steve Sweeney Racing -Steve Sweeney
Craig Stevens Motorcycles – Craig Stevens
Taupo Towing  – Bill Doe
VMX Central – Jo & Owen Kirk
Johnsonville Cycles – Francis Hoen
Vandenberg Shelter Belt Trimming – Richard
Craig Bailey Motorcycles – Craig Bailey       
We would as like to make special thanks to some of those behind the scenes people who helped to make this unique Series a success…. 
 Manuwatu VMX – Dave Jamieson & team
Hawkes Bay VMX – Cooch & team
Taupo VMX – Darryl, Bill & team
Taranaki VMX – Steve, Stan & team
Lap Scorers – Debbie Ritchie & co.
Flag Marshals – Tony McCabe & co
Race Starter – Evan ‘Tubby’ Walpole
Media – Robert Cochrane
KVMX helper – Andy Christie
Land Owners
First Aid workers
The “VMX Family” (the competitors)
The final results for Series 9  … Mr VMX Series Points

Series 9 – Good Bastard Award to ‘BSA’ Bruce Fergusson

At the March 10th prizegivng at the Wanganui Greyhound Clubrooms Bruce Fergusson picked up the coveted ‘Good Barstard’ Award for his contribution to the sport during the season, always there doing it in the dirt having fun. There were a few jokes about not needing any engine cleaner as it would spoil the look of his bike but jokes aside, Bruce just loves riding his old ‘pom bomb’, as he affectionately calls her. He went down to the 18th ‘Old Thumpers’ meeting and rode in 9 races and a number of flasher B50MX riders came home after him in the main ‘All British’ race, much to their surprise as its a bog standard 441cc motor. Read More….

Series 9 VMX Round 5 for 2012 – Wanganui Sunshine

Mark ‘The Eel’ Ellen in fine form today on the Suzuki 400 at the new Upukongaro track above the Wanganui River and SH4. It was a bit dusty but a brilliant rolling country track with many riders enjoying the big speedbowl style banked turned 3 & 4 and the flowing nature of the track. It was a very hot day with only a puff of a gentle sea breeze after lunch to help blow the fine stuff away. Read More….

Wanganui Classic Dirt Photos on Facebook

John Nelson receiving a signed event poster from Bryan Wade plus a set of elbow protectors courtesy of Kiwi Rider. It was John’s first trial and he had just won the B Grade Sunday trial. All the trials riders on Sunday were in the draw for a new Mitas rear trials tyre, and John’s name came out the hat so a new 400 x 18 rear will be couriered to him shortly for his Suzuki RL250 machine. Read More….