Series 9 – Good Bastard Award to ‘BSA’ Bruce Fergusson

At the March 10th prizegivng at the Wanganui Greyhound Clubrooms Bruce Fergusson picked up the coveted ‘Good Barstard’ Award for his contribution to the sport during the season, always there doing it in the dirt having fun. There were a few jokes about not needing any engine cleaner as it would spoil the look of his bike but jokes aside, Bruce just loves riding his old ‘pom bomb’, as he affectionately calls her. He went down to the 18th ‘Old Thumpers’ meeting and rode in 9 races and a number of flasher B50MX riders came home after him in the main ‘All British’ race, much to their surprise as its a bog standard 441cc motor. After my attempts to get Bill Doe’s recent arrival from the UK, a Rickman Metisse B44 500 (running on methanol) running well enough to do a  few laps in the Rec class I was offered a Honda 250 to ride. I was pitted next to Bruce and when he heard I had been offered a Honda he said, Rob, can’t have that take the B44 off the ute and take it out. At about this time the said Honda had broken down for the day so off I went on my first laps of a VMX track. Considering the bike has road front forks and 4 inch of rear supsension I was surprised how well the it tracked in the soft stuff and the motor is very tractable in second gear on the cam from bend to bend. And because he is such a ‘Good Barstard’ during the social Bruce offered to help me get my BSA B25 Victor MX running for Series 10. A well chosen award recipient, for someone who lives it every day.

About Robert Cochrane

Enjoy all aspects of classic motorcycling, from dirt, racing, road, trials. My road classic bike is a 1971 BSA A65 Lightning 650cc that I use for BSA and Classic rallies. I have been active in classic bikes since 1977 and with friends started the NZ BSA Owners Club in 1978 and with other friends started the Wanganui Classic Club in Feb 2010. In late 2010 I started the NZ Classic & Twinshock Trials & Scramble Association with friends around the country to co-ordinate events and assist the development of the sport in NZ. As secretary its a lot of work but I believe its important to work in the best interests of the sport so I put my hand up. I write a motorcycle column for the Wanganui 'Midweek' newspaper 2 to 3 weeks a month, plus articles for VMX, Old Bike and Kiwi Rider. I own a BSA B25MX scrambler that my son raced for a few years and was ridden by Jeff Smith at the Legends of Dirt. It's resting in my shed as Dan is working offshore. I hosted the 'Suzuki 50 Yrs in NZ' event.My twinshock trials bike is a Kawasaki KT 250cc mount that I bought off TM Bill that has had lotsa time and a modest sum of money poured into it, but is a power of fun. I love motorcycling, its just the job that gets in the way of having full time fun.

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