About Livewire VMX

LiveWire VMX is based in Wanganui, NZ and caters for Vintage Motocross throughout New Zealand.


The only thing that comes close to competing hard on the race track, is reading about your accomplishments the day after the race. We will do our best to provide race coverage, but to ask for your help in providing stories about our racing activities. We encourage anyone and everyone to give us input so we can make this site as interesting as possible for all NZ vintage MX enthusiasts.

Our Mission is……..

To facilitate, foster and promote the restoration and riding of vintage, pre 80 (evolution class) & pre 85 motocross bikes in New Zealand.

To put it a little less formally……

Lets get out and tinker with, ride and boast about some of the old bikes we owned or dreamed of owning in our youth (for those who are old enough). For those who aren’t old enough, it’s a chance to be part of a past era when dirt bike riding was (and is again) affordable, relaxed and back to basics with machinery that doesn’t require a thick wallet and a license for low flying and the need to wear brighter coloured MX gear than the next guy.

 If you are interested in getting into vintage motocross & VMX racing then we suggest you make contact with like minded people in or near your area. Click here to go to our VMX Contacts List.

 These contacts who through their enthusiasm for the sport, take it upon themselves to organise events in their areas. These events are usually listed on the Livewire VMX Events page .

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