Rules & Info

General Format

Natural terrain motocross of terrain suitable for all bike age classes competing.

The series will consist of 6 separate events held at these venues & dates

Venues & Dates

The NZ Vintage Motocross Championship 10th Anniversary Series

  • Eastbay Engineering - Whakatane Rnd 1 – 6th October 2012
  • Hamco Industries - Halcombe Rnd 2 – 4th November 2012
  • Darryl August Motocycles/Rockoil - Taupo Rnd 3 – 2nd December 2012
  • - Aria Rnd 4 – 16th February 2013
  • Urban Creations - Halcombe Rnd 5 – Date to be advised 2013
  • Keown Honda - Wanganui Rnd 6 Final – Date to be advised 2013

Rider Classes

You may enter as either of the following:

  • ‘Competition’ rider (lap scored with points accumulating over the series)
  • ‘Recreation’ rider (not lap scored, generally for novice riders only)

‘Competition’ riders will race the following at each event of the series :

  • Three rounds of the  Championship Races format for each of the ten Bike Classes.
  • One round of ‘Mr Vintage Motocross’ title races

Please refer to the Race Order for the order of racing in each round of racing.

Points for all ‘Competition’ riders are recorded for ‘Championship Racing’ only, at each event of the series.

Dropped points

A riders ‘worst 3 races’ for for the series will be deducted from the final points tally.

Missed rounds or incomplete races will attract zero points for those races therefore if a rider miss’s a round of racing then those 3 races will constitute the lowest points for the series and will be dropped from the final points tally.

All competition riders must pre-enter. No entries will be accepted on the day.

Refer to Entry’s

‘Recreation’ riders will race the following at each event :

Three races of the Recreation class (Rec Class) – as per Race Order (not lap scored)

The Recreation Class is a fun class only intended for 1st timers, novices or rider not confident in competing in the fast ‘championship’ racing.

The Recreation class will be limited to recreation riders only and is not open to ‘Competition’ riders. It will not be lap scored therefore bike numbers will not be required and there will be two races for this class during the day.

Recreation riders are not to pre-enter. All Rec class riders are to enter on the day.

Bike Classes

Championship Classes  (Competition Riders only)

Classic (Pre 75)

  • 125cc (Up to 126cc 2-stroke, Up to 249cc 4-stroke)
  • 250cc (186-250cc 2-stroke, 250-400cc 4-stroke)
  • Open (over 250cc 2-stroke, over 400cc 4-stroke)

Evolution (twin shock, air cooled, drum brakes)

  • 125cc (Up to 126cc 2-stroke, Up to 150cc 4-stroke)
  • 250cc (186-250cc 2-stroke, 251-400cc 4-stroke)
  • Open (over 250cc 2-stroke, over 400cc 4-stroke)

Linkage (all linkage rear suspension, water cooled up to Pre86)

  • 125cc (Up to 126cc 2-stroke, Up to 150cc 4-stroke)
  • 250cc (186-250cc 2-stroke, 251-400cc 4-stroke)
  • Open (over 250cc 2-stroke, over 400cc 4-stroke)

Evo Lites    (126cc to 185cc 2-stroke, up to 250cc 4-stroke) 1976 to Pre 86

Mr Vintage Motocross Race Titles

The Mr Vintage Motocross titles will be contested in a single race for each of the following classes at the end of each round of racing.

Race field will be made up of whoever chooses to race on the day.

The respective titles will be awarded to the riders who attain the most aggregate points in each Mr Vintage class over all 6 rounds.

Only competition riders (not Rec class riders) are eligible to race in the The Mr Vintage Motocross races at the end of each round.

Mr Vintage Motocross Lites – Riders from the 125cc class & ‘Evo Lites’ class will combine to compete for the Mr Vintage Motocross “Lite” title.

Mr Vintage Motocross Midbore – Riders from the 250cc classes will combine to compete for the Mr Vintage Motocross Mids title.

Mr Vintage Motocross Open- Riders from the Open classes will combine to compete for the Mr Vintage Motocross Open title.

Recreation Class (Recreation Riders only)

All motocross, enduro or trail bikes of official year of release before 1986

Bike Aging & Eligibility

All bikes (and parts of) must be of year of ‘model release’ 1985 or older.

Flow on models may be considered at the organizers discretion. Individual cases will be judged by the Kiwi Vintage Motocross organizers and their decisions on individual eligibility cases will be final.

If you are in doubt, please Click Here  to email our technical committee.

Bikes will classed by the latest model performance enhancing part fitted to the bike. e.g.. 1982 forks in a 1973 model bike classes the bike in the Evolution class.

Your bike will be checked for eligibility at some stage during each meeting.

There is an expectation that your bike should be configured ‘in the spirit of the era’ using parts from that era. This will be enforce at the discretion of the organisers.

Please do not put us into a situation where we have to stop you from riding in the class that you intend .

Components such as late model brake discs etc are also considered to be performance enhancing over and above what was available prior to 1986. Please ensure your bike spec is within the spirit of the era of which you are entered to race.

The use of bikes with rear disc brakes or ‘upsidedown forks’ will be prohibited.

Note: Only due to a mechanical failure or exceptional circumstances and at the organizers discretion, may you race in the next class up on an older class bike. Example riding a substitute Evolution class bike in the Linkage class due to the mechanical failure of a Linkage bike (but not the reverse obviously).

Make sure you are clear on where your bike fits in our classes prior to the series as you may end up losing some or all points as a result of riding ‘out of class’. Please do not put us in this difficult position. If you are unsure, then ask before the start of the series.

We expect a high standard of bike preparation……

Kiwi Vintage Motocross Technical Committee: Lloyd McKenzie Ph 021 305 620

Bike Numbering

All bikes (excluding Rec class) must have clear & correct numbering.

All riders (excluding Rec class riders) will be assigned a race number as they place their first entry for the series. This race number will become the identifier for that rider for the duration on the series. If a rider changes bike during the series, it is his responsibility to ensure it is numbered with his allocated race number. This is critical for us to maintain our computer points tallying.

There will be absolutely no exceptions and you may lose valuable points if your bike is incorrectly numbered.

Your race number is to be displayed in the normal fashion on all bikes ridden by that rider for the duration of the race series i.e. if a rider intends to ride 2 different bikes in 2 different classes, the same number is to be used on both bikes (again… no exceptions).

Bike numbering is restricted to conventional numbers only (no ’0′ before number, no letters) as this is necessary for our supercomputer to be able to sort the points (again… no exceptions).

Number Boards

In the spirit of the era we are requiring numbers and number boards to be the correct colours.

This is important to assist the commentator who will be present at all rounds as well as the lap scorers.

  • 125cc Class – Black background with white numbers
  • ‘Evo Lites’ class – Blue background with white numbers
  • Open Class 250cc – Green background with white numbers
  • Open Class – Yellow background with black numbers

Note : Numbering is not required for bikes ridden in the recreational class as this class.

Claiming your old race number

Riders who competed in the previous years series have a several weeks long ‘grace period’ prior to the start of the series in which to lodge a pre-entry and reclaim their old race number. Race numbers unclaimed after this ‘grace period’ will then be issued on a ‘first in’ basis.

All entrants from the previous years series are urged to pre-enter before Rnd 1 even if they do not intend to ride at Rnd 1

Any unused rider entries are automatically carried over to the next consecutive round by our entry system.

Claiming a new race number

All competition riders are required to pre-enter events. Upon placing your first entry for the series, new riders will be asked to provide us with your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices for your preferred bike numbers. We will accommodate these choices if possible.

If you choose a race number that has not been previously allocated, it will be issued to you straight away.

If you choose a race number that was allocated in the previous years series but remains unclaimed after the ‘grace period’ (see above ‘Claiming your old race number’) then that race number becomes yours.

Once your number has been established, it will remain in use by you for the entire series……. There will be absolutely no exceptions


Entry for competition riders will be by pre-entry only. THERE WILL BE NOT ENTRIES ON THE DAY ! (All Rec class riders are to enter on the day)

Entrys will close off on a nominated date prior to the event.

Your pre-entry will not be considered for processing until payment has been received.

Late entries will not be accepted.

Competition rider’s expecting late or ‘on-the-day’ entry will be eligible to ride the Recreation Class only !!! No exceptions !!

It is prefered that your entry is submitted via our online entry forms on the Livewire VMX website. If this is not possible then call Ross on 0274465467 for other entry arrangements to be made.

Payment can be made via internet bank or by posting a cheque to Kiwi Vintage Motocross.

The entry form will require you to supply a PAYEE REFERENCE you will also use when making your internet banking payment or send with your cheque.

This is very important as it will be used to match your entry form to your payment.

Riders entries & payments are automatically carried over to the next round if a round is not attended by that rider.

Pre-entries must be accompanied with your correct fee payment for your pre-entry to be accepted !

Do not expect to send in your entry form and then pay on the day as this will not be accepted and we will only allow you to ride in the Recreation class for the day!

Riders will sign an indemnity form at sign-in at each event of the series. (not sent in with entry as in the past)

If a rider is unable to attend events paid for then a refund request may be lodged with Kiwi Vintage Motocross with 20 days of the final round of that series.

Entry Forms

Entries can be submitted via our ONLINE ENTRY FORMS with payment made by internet banking or posted cheque. Please note that you entry form will not be processed until your payment has been received.

Click here for the 2012-2013 10th Anniversary Series 


Third Party Indemnity

All riders 18 years & over are required to sign the “THIRD PARTY INDEMNITY” at sign-in before they can ride.

You will sign-in an indemnity form at sign-in at each event of the series.

You will not be permitted to ride until this is signed by you personally.

Under 18 ??

Under 18 year olds will be required to provide a signed copy of our “UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE THIRD PARTY INDEMNITY”  signed by their guardian.

If you require this form for signing by the guardian prior to the event, please click here for a copy of …


Riding Gear

Good quality body armor, MX helmets, MX boots are compulsory.

Remember that this gear is for your own safety !

Race Order

Race Rnd’s 1-3 (3 rounds of racing)

  • Classic (Pre 75) All in
  • Linkage 250cc
  • Evolution Open
  • Evolution 125cc – Linkage 125cc
  • EvoLites
  • Evolution 250cc
  • Linkage Open
  • Rec Class

Race Rnd’s 4 (1 round of racing)

  • Mr Vintage Motocross Lites
  • Mr Vintage Motocross Midbore
  • Mr Vintage Motocross Open

Start Times

  • Sign In – 8:00am – 9:00am
  • Riders Briefing (compulsory)- 9:15am
  • Practice – 9:30am – 10:30am
  • Racing – Approx 10:30am
  • Start times given are indicative only and may vary.
  • Food and refreshments will be available


  • We reserve the right to make organizational changes as required.
  • Riders briefing is compulsory.
  • Min ages 15 years.
  • No pit racing.
  • Respect the farmers land.
  • Please take all rubbish away with you.
  • No attitudes !
  • Absolutely No Dogs – Townies don’t realise that town dogs carry things that are harmful and that farm dogs have been treated against.

Kiwi Vintage Motocross has had a tremendous response from willing sponsors in the past and are keen to talk to anyone who is interested in supporting the  next NZ Mr Vintage Motocross Champs

If you are interested in providing sponsorship support for this unique event…….

Contact the team at

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