Mr VMX Series – Rnd 4 Points

 Points up this soon after an event ??? Can it be ???

Must be the womens touch ! Yes… Thats right… Many thanks to Debbie Ritchie (Neils much better half) for doing such a great job..

For those of you who don’t know, Debbie is probably one of the last professional manual lapscorers left in the country so we are lucky to have her help out (a dying art in the world of transponders)…

Click here for – Rnd 4 Points

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Rnd 5 Final & Prizegiving.

Wanganui Classic Dirt – Sunday 19th Feb

Come to Wanganui and ride with International Motocross GP Star Bryan Wade, the only person to ever win the British 125cc, 250cc and 500cc Championships. This is a Pre ’76 meeting on the old Bob Coleman ‘of Colemans Suzuki fame’ famlet at Kildare just north of Wanganui a couple of kms. If there are 5-6 of you who want to front on the day I will allow Pre’78 machines to have a run also.

I was at the track last night and the ground has dried out well and the venue is in great shape. Riders will now cross the famous bridge and go up the hill with the track in reverse order to the ‘Suzuki 50′ year event. Rider sign on $50 on the day and ride as many bikes as you can. Any questions you can email on, Ph 06-343-7585 or txt Tiffany 022-023-1192. Look forward to seeing many of you in Taranaki this weekend – its going to be a ripper – Cheers Robert C

Husqvarna 1971 400 ‘B.Aberg Replica’ for Bryan Wade to Ride

Steve Roberts wheels out his friends circa 1971 Husqvarna 400 Motocross machine that has been offered for Bryan Wade to ride at Wanganui and Upper Hutt. Steve’s friend in the UK is delighted that ‘Wild Wade’ will be riding his machine.

I delivered the bike to Malcolm at Joe Lett Motorcycles today for a full service in preparation for Brian’s arrival. Bryan Wade won the British MX Championships Five times and was the first and only rider to win the 250cc, 500cc and 125 cc Championships. His first works professional contract was for Greeves, then Husqvarna, Suzuki and also Honda in the very late 70s. He also set up very successful MX training schools with Honda in UK in late 1970s.

Looking Back – The Green Machine

An action shot I am very, very happy with of the now retired VMX rider Wayne Marshall in action at the final round of the series in Fordell a year or two ago now. Pretty sure this is the KX 500 weapon (could be a KX420?)but not sure as I don’t class myself as a knowledgeable Kawasaki owner. I am not sure how Wayne got the nickname ‘Weasel’ but this bike was very, very tall so he pretty well needed a box to stand on to mount the beast. Still once underway this thing was all power. Wayne said to me once, ‘shit this has some power and you have to be bloody careful or she will bite you off’. I get the impression that most of the big 2 stoke MX bikes from the late 70s onwards have mountains of power and need a very good skill level to control. So look forward to snapping a few of you at the Series 9 opener starting in only 4 weeks at Halcombe.

Awesome Video – Johnny Olds MX , NZ

This is worth a look !!

VMX New ZEALAND from Edouard Chalaron on Vimeo.

Enough to make you green with envy

Wanganui’s Wayne Marshall has a garage that would make most men green with envy.

The 44-year-old builder, known affectionately by his friends as “Weasel”, has eight motocross bikes stored in his work shed, all of them bright green Kawasaki machines. He’d certainly rate as one of the most loyal Kawasaki men in the country and, of course, his favourite colour is green. Read More….

Flying Kiwi with a yellow streak

Flying Kiwi with a yellow streakThere’s a yellow streak running down the spine of Yamaha’s Don Jamison.

 But that doesn’t mean the Kiwi is a coward, far from it.

 Yellow and Yamaha are one and the same to the 41-year-old self-employed Wanganui painter and that, he explains, is why his garage is overflowing with bright yellow Yamaha motocross bikes, all of the vintage variety.

 He has just two words to explain his fascination with yellow and with Yamaha … “Bob Hannah”.

“I always had Bob Hannah as my hero. He was a legend,” said Jamison of his boyhood idol, the former AMA motocross champion and factory Yamaha star. ..“Me and my mates all used to read the American motocross magazines and we each had our favourite. Mine was always Bob Hannah.

“I never met the man, but I did ring him up once. I got his answer machine and left a message. I guess he gets lots of messages like that from fans all over the world. I didn’t expect him to call back, so I didn’t leave my number.”

 As a youngster, Jamison grew up with horses and BMX bikes.

“That was in the days before the bicycles had knobbly tyres and my only motorcycling experience was following cows to the milking shed. I never raced motocross as a kid.”

 That changed about a year ago and now Jamison owns five motocross bikes, all of them Yamahas and all of them yellow. He has a 1978 YZ125E, a 1980 YZ125G, a 1981 YZ250H, a 1982 YZ125J and a 1984 YZ125L. Even though he raced his first motocross at age 40, Jamison now shows an incredible turn of speed. He puts a lot of that down to the Yamaha bikes he owns, the ease at which he can ride them and the longevity of the bikes.

 “It’s a lot of fun and not too expensive to race,” said Jamison. “I bought this bike (the 1982 YZ125 J, pictured) for about $850 and, after new tyres and an engine rebuild, it probably only owes me $2500. And that’s for a very competitive and reliable bike.”

 One of the spare bedrooms at Jamison’s home is now converted into a home for his five bikes, including storage for spare parts he picks up about the pace. He buys the white plastic Yamahas and, over time, gradually turns them to the yellow variety, more popular and familiar in the United States during the Bob Hannah era.

 He even sought out the matching retro yellow Yamaha riding apparel and certainly looks the part at the vintage motocross meetings.